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Weekly (3 items)

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Weekly Market Report – 5/15/2015

commentary 5 pages
Weekly Market Report – 5/8/2015

commentary 6 pages
Weekly Market Report – 5/1/2015

commentary 5 pages
Title/Description Format Length Client Ready CE Credits
Uncommon Sense: A Contrarian View on the Dollar

Michael Arone examines the current bullish sentiment on the US dollar and how investors could be impacted if the conventional wisdom is wrong.

article 4 pages
Monthly Market Update: Convertibles

David Mazza says investors who are concerned about rising interest rates and looking to increase the current income may want to consider convertible bonds.

video 2:45 minutes
Monthly Market Update: Are We Headed for Another Taper Tantrum?

Michael Arone discusses how we may see a replay of the 2013 “taper tantrum,” and which sectors could be poised to benefit if interest rates shoot higher again.

video 2:25 minutes
Uncommon Sense: A World Awash in Liquidity and Oil

Michael Arone shares his views on which sectors might benefit the most from lower oil prices and more stimulus from global central banks.

article 4 pages
Monthly Market Update: Fixed Income Comes on Strong... Again

David Mazza discusses the record-breaking inflows to fixed-income ETFs and how investors are using bond ETFs to construct portfolios that are resilient to a multitude of interest rate environments.

video 2:00 minutes
Monthly Market Update: Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Michael Arone discusses how central banks are borrowing a page from the Federal Reserve’s playbook and boosting liquidity in their home markets.

video 2:19 minutes
Energy Sector Update: Hitting Bottom?

David Mazza discusses notable divergences he’s seeing in sector ETFs and signs of investors bottom fishing in the beaten-down energy sector.

video 2:12 minutes
Uncommon Sense: This Time Around,‘Tis the Season to Be Really Jolly

US consumers’ wallets are feeling fatter, and their willingness and ability to spend more during the holiday shopping season is finally recovering.

article 4 pages
Winners, Losers, and Everything in Between November 2014

In his monthly column David Mazza, Head of Research for SPDR ETFs and SSgA Funds, discusses ETF flows in October and what that means for investors.

commentary 3 pages
Uncommon Sense - Unfortunately, There's no Place Like Home for Many Investors

Regardless of the investing environment—in good times and in bad— emerging market assets are stubbornly under-owned by investors. This has created a potentially profitable investment opportunity.

article 5 pages
Winners, Losers, and Everything in Between August 2014

Explore how recent global events are affecting ETF flows in July including subtle and not so subtle shifts within and across markets.

article 4 pages

Other (2 items)

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2015 ETF and Investment Outlook: Take Advantage of Evolving Trends

Explore the ETF Outlook for 2015 including what the flows tell us as well as base case, bear case and bull case scenarios.

commentary 5 pages
Uncommon Sense: Focus on the Folly of the Many, Not the Few

In his new bi-monthly column Mike Arone, Chief Investment Strategist for State Street Global Advisors US Intermediary Business Group, takes a look at lessons learned from the past decade and a half of market rationality and irrationality.

article 3 pages

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