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Weekly Market Report – 3/21/2014 Quarterly Forecast

commentary 6 pages

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SSgA Global Credit Market Outlook - July 2013

commentary 2 pages
SSgA Global Credit Market Outlook - June 2013

Learn more about the shift in sentiment, driven by concerns that the Federal Reserve could begin to “taper” its asset purchase program earlier than anticipated, and its effect on every asset class.

commentary 2 pages
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Quarterly Forecast - Fourth Quarter 2013

Explore the forecast for developed and emerging markets in the fourth quarter including inflation, monetary policy and delayed tapering.

commentary 9 pages
Long-Term Asset Class Forecasts: Second Quarter 2013

article 6 pages
Quarterly Forecast - Third Quarter 2013

Explore the economic outlook for the third quarter including global growth slowing progressively over the last two years, moderating headline inflation, and the major central banks remaining extremely conservative.

commentary 9 pages
Long-Term Asset Class Forecasts: First Quarter 2013

In the first quarter, explore forward looking longer-term estimates of total return for the major asset classes.

commentary 6 pages
Quarterly Forecast - Second Quarter 2013

Explore forecasts for Q2 2013 including global growth, headline inflation and a rebound in US fiscal worries.

commentary 9 pages
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Gold Investor - Risk Management and Capital Preservation

Learn more about Gold and US interest rates, what drives Gold, and the role of gold in defined- contribution plans.

article 40 pages
Following the Flows: Winners, Losers and Everything in Between

Explore what ETF flows tell us in March, including what's happening in emerging markets and what's next.

article 3 pages
What Does US Interest Rate Normalization Mean?

Recent comments by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke have led to increasing anxiety among investors about a sustained rise in bond yields. Learn more about the natural rate of interest and its implication on investors.

article 9 pages
2014 ETF & Investment Outlook: Let’s Get this Show on the Road

Explore the 2014 ETF and investment outlook including 2013 trends, investment overview, potential 2014 market scenarios and actionable SPDR® ETF best ideas for the first half of 2014.

article 7 pages
What's Yellen Got to Do With It?

Explore the potential effects of President Obama’s decision to nominate Janet Yellen to succeed Ben Bernanke as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

article 3 pages
Why Commodities, Just like Real Estate, Deserve a Place in a Diversified Portfolio

Explore the reasons why even in an environment where interest rates are trending upward, REITs and Commodities continue to have a place in a diversified investment strategy.

article 8 pages
Asset Price Inflation, Monetary Policy and the Impact on Asset Allocation

Learn more about the relationships between asset price inflation, monetary policy and asset allocation and the hypothesis that extended periods of ultra-loose monetary policy can lead to unhealthy credit expansions and asset inflation.

article 6 pages
Investing for Income Masterclass - May 2013

video 52:52
2013 Midyear SPDR ETF & Investment Outlook: The Search for Yield Evolves

Explore the 2013 ETF industry highlights including what's next, along with the investment overview and outlook for the remainder of the year.

commentary 8 pages
Why You Should Worry About Inflation in the Developing Economies

Learn more about why there are reasons to worry about inflation in the Developing Economies, especially for those contemplating investments in emerging market local currency bonds.

article 3 pages
SPDR Gold Shares (GLD): Q & A on Recent Developments in the Gold Market

Learn more about the recent developments in the gold market including what your clients should be considering and what to expect in the future.

article 2 pages
A Debt Ceiling Delay: See You in May

Learn what investors can expect before the debate on debts and the deficit is decided in May. Explore market opportunities to consider during this interim period.

article 3 pages
ETF Industry Guide

Review key fund data, including net assets and average share volume, for all US-listed ETFs.

article 46 pages

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