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Weekly Market Report - 03/11/16   locked

commentary 5 pages
Weekly Market Report - 02/26/16   locked

commentary 5 pages
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A Value ETF May Not be the Best Way to Play a Style Rotation

US value stocks have trailed their growth peers for over eight years. However, strong relative outperformance of value stocks since February has many wondering if the pendulum is set to swing back.

Uncommon Sense: Forget the Macro, Focus on the Fundamentals

Chief Investment Strategist Michael Arone explains why weakening fundamentals, not often-cited macro headwinds, are driving market volatility

article 5 pages
Global Credit Market Outlook - February 2016   locked

commentary 3 pages
Uncommon Sense: Are Negative Interest Rates the Next Black Swan?

In this month’s Uncommon Sense, Chief Investment Strategist Mike Arone considers the unintended consequences of negative rates.

commentary 4 pages
Uncommon Sense: Why China Matters Now

Chief Investment Strategist Michael Arone explains why slowing growth in China is a global problem.

commentary 4 pages
Uncommon Sense: Where Have All the Risk-Takers Gone?

Chief Investment Strategist Michael Arone believes once confidence returns, the corresponding increase in investments and spending might just be the necessary catalyst to boost the markets.

commentary 4 pages

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Long-Term Asset Class Forecasts - September 2015   locked

commentary 6 pages
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DOL Fiduciary Regulation: The Changes and What to Consider   locked

Explore key points of the new rule, what’s changed and next steps to prepare for implementation at your organization.

commentary 4 pages
Insights & Ideas - Chart Pack February 2016   locked

Explore timely insights and investment ideas from David Mazza and the SSGA Research team featuring proprietary market indicators, fund flows and actionable ideas to help you make informed decisions.

commentary 23 pages
Fixed Income Investing in a Challenging Environment

David Mazza and Jared Rowley of the SPDR ETF and SSGA Funds Research Team offer insights to help investors generate income while navigating an uncertain path of further Federal Reserve rate hikes.

video 2:47 minutes
Sector and Industry Investing in 2016

David Mazza and Jared Rowley of the SPDR ETF and SSGA Funds Research Team share why sector and industry investing could make sense in this low growth environment, and which areas they’re favoring.

video 2:21 minutes
Three C’s Of Fixed Income Portfolio Construction

David Mazza, Head of Research, shares his thoughts on fixed income asset classes in the current environment and implementation ideas to build core, complement and cushion into your client’s portfolio.

article 7 pages
A Letter from Our CEO

Read Ron O’Hanley’s perspectives on opportunities in 2016 and how SSGA is committed to your long‐term success.

commentary 2 pages
Harnessing Innovation and Growth Within The Technology Sector

Explore our positive outlook on the US technology sector and why we believe that investors should consider overweighting the technology sector in 2016 because it offers relatively strong earnings.

article 5 pages
China’s Failed Circuit Breaker Trial

Chinese regulators aren’t the only ones struggling to implement control mechanisms for today’s high-speed and complex markets.

commentary 4 pages
Thinking Differently: Six Ideas for a Low-Growth World   locked

To succeed in today’s low-growth world, investors will need to act and think differently. Explore this brief outlook for implementation ideas in 2016.

article 2 pages
What’s Ahead After the Fed Move?

Our market experts weigh in on what the rate rise might mean for your portfolio.

video 12:26 minutes
What the ETF Flows are Telling Us   locked

David Mazza, Head of Research, analyzes 2015 ETF flows, important themes and trends, what the buying and selling patterns of ETFs reveal, and sectors to watch in 2016.

video 2:54 minutes
2016 Investment Outlook   locked

Chief Investment Strategist Michael Arone, discusses equity regions and sectors that SSGA favors in 2016.

video 2:47 minutes
2016 ETF & Investment Outlook   locked

Explore the 2016 ETF and Investment Outlook including what the flows tell us as well as ETF implementation ideas and how to navigate an increasingly volatile market.

commentary 13 pages

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