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A Case for Dividend Investing

Learn about the potential benefits and risks of dividend investing.

whitepaper 4 pages
A Case for Emerging Market Dividends

Examine the growth in emerging market countries. Learn how emerging market dividend stocks can help to diversify an emerging market portfolio.

whitepaper 6 pages
A Case for High Yield Municipal Bond Investing

Learn why historically low interest rates have positioned high yield municipal bonds―with their tax exempt interest―as an attractive solution for income seeking investors looking to further diversify their investment portfolio.

article 7 pages
Corporate vs. Credit - What's the Difference?

Are corporate and credit interchangeable? Understand the subtle differences between the two.

article 2 pages
Fixed Income ETFs: Bringing Pricing Transparency to Investors One Trade at A Time

Learn more about an important chapter in the ETF story including how the fixed income market operates and the role ETFs play within in it.

article 2 pages
Fixed Income Investing

What does the future hold for bond investors? Discover why fixed income investments have grown increasingly diverse.

multimedia Available
Re-Thinking Fixed Income for Today and Tomorrow

This Quick Reference Guide offers information on ETF strategies for today and tomorrow’s fixed income environment.

guide 2 pages
SPDR 2014 Fixed Income Guide: Re-Thinking Exposures for Today and Tomorrow

Explore the 2014 Fixed Income Guide including actionable ideas for finding yield in a historically low interest rate environment.

guide 28 pages
SPDR ETF Precision - Access an Attractive Yield and Duration Profile with Short Term Corporate Bonds

Learn more about accessing yield and duration profile with precise exposure to corporate bonds.

article 3 pages
SPDR ETFs: Our Best Ideas As the Search for Yield Evolves

Learn more about the evolution of accessing yield and help your clients take advantage of these evolutions across asset classes.

guide 3 pages
Understanding the Benefits and Differences of US and International Dividend-Paying ETFs

Examine the similarities and differences of International and US dividend paying ETFs and the factors to consider when investing.

article 3 pages
Title/Description Format Length Client Ready CE Credits
2013 Midyear SPDR ETF & Investment Outlook: The Search for Yield Evolves

Explore the 2013 ETF industry highlights including what's next, along with the investment overview and outlook for the remainder of the year.

commentary 8 pages
A Blank Slate: Fixed Income for the Next Cycle

Understand what the next interest rate cycle may mean for investors looking to incorporate fixed income into their portfolios.

article 6 pages
A Not so Silver Linings Playbook, as Interest Rates Return to Normal

Learn more about the impact of interest rate normalization and how the speed, path, and timing of eventual increases will play an important role in how all asset classes are impacted.

article 4 pages
After The Dust Settles: Fixed Income in a Rising Rate Environment

Understand why fixed income should remain core to investment portfolios regardless of how far and fast rates may rise.

article 4 pages
ETF Investment Solutions - Active ETF Investing in the Senior Loan Market

Learn how an active approach to the senior loan market can potentially benefit investors in the search for yield while simultaneously providing protection against rising interest rates.

article 6 pages
ETF Investment Solutions - How to Participate in Global Dividend Investing

Learn more about global dividend investing including the potential benefits, such as the ability to participate in the equity market with potentially less volatility and diversification across the globe.

article 4 pages
ETF Investment Solutions: How to Target the Bond Market’s Sweet Spot with Crossover Bonds

Learn how the crossover space—which offers greater yield than most investment grade bonds and less credit risk than most high yield bonds—may be the sweet spot of fixed income investing, especially in today’s historically low interest rate environment.

article 5 pages
Expanding Options for Income Generation as Interest Rates Rise

Explore options for increasing income in a rising interest rate environment, including looking beyond the highest yielding market segments and drilling down to asset classes to understand the trade-offs that exist when balancing the continued need for income.

article 8 pages
Income and Total Return - Solutions for a Low Yield Environment

Learn how to increase income and total return through a globalized portfolio, a full suite of income generating assets and a focus on more than just current yield.

article 7 pages
Mapping and Navigating the Emerging Market Universe

Learn more about the emerging market bond landscape, how it fits in with the bigger picture alongside developed markets, and how to better access a particular part of the market.

article 8 pages
SPDR ETF Precision - Positioning Your Portfolio for Medium-Term Inflation

Learn how to position your portfolio for medium term inflation using Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS).

article 2 pages

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Investing for Income Masterclass - May 2013

video 52:52

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