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  • Audience Questions
    • SPDR University is for investment professionals only (i.e., planners, advisors, wealth managers, asset managers, traders, brokers, etc.).

      SPDR U also offers client-ready content advisors can share with clients.

      To learn more, read About SPDR U.

    • Right now, SPDR U is reserved for investment professionals only.

    • SPDR U is sponsored by State Street's family of SPDR ETFs.

      State Street created SPDR U to provide investment professionals with short, focused educational content on various investing and practice management topics.

      State Street Global Advisors is the largest institutional asset manager and the second largest manager of exchange-traded funds worldwide.

  • Registration Questions
  • Continuing Education (CE) Credits
    • In order to receive CFP credit on SPDR U, the CFP Board requires you to complete one hour's worth of eligible content and pass the associated quiz.

      At the end of each month, SPDR U will send you notification of the quizzes you have passed that have been submitted to the CFP board. Once your CE Credits have been accepted by the CFP Board they will send you confirmation via email.

      View CE credits available on SPDR U to see the quizzes and learn how they work.

    • There are 2 processes. Effective January 2013 we are able to report CIMA® and/or CPWA® quizzes you passed on SPDR U directly to IMCA.

      • If your My Profile page has been updated to include the information required to directly report to IMCA, (IMCA ID#, last 4 digits of SSN and zip code), SPDR U will send you notification of the quizzes you have passed that month that have been submitted to IMCA. Once your CE Credits have been accepted by IMCA they will send you confirmation via email.
      • If you’ve not updated your My Profile page to include the information we need to report directly to IMCA we will email you a monthly list of the quizzes you’ve passed on SPDR U so that you can self-report.

        To self-report CE Credits, visit the IMCA Website, and follow the instructions provided. The SPDR U Program ID is 2426.

    • Contact us if there is another licensing body you would like us to approach about accreditation.

    • Yes, you can take a CE Credit quiz as many times as you’d like. However it can only be used to earn CE Credits once each reporting period.

    • No, you do not have to pay for anything on SPDR U.

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